Water Jet Machines

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Water Jet Cutting Machine

CNC Water jet machining services are highly cost effective and suitable for most jobs.

Water jet cutting is the process of blasting abrasives on to the work piece along with high pressure water jet to cut the material. Water jet machines have numerous advantages when compared to conventional cutting machines and tools.

Advantages of Water Jet Machine

Waterjet machines can be used for cutting a wide variety of materials from plastic to metal, from fibre glass to ceramics. The CNC controlled water jet cutters can machine parts with good accuracy and surface finish as well. This make water jet machines highly versatile and useful.

To get a better idea about water jet machines see how water jet cutting works.

Types of Water Jet Machines

Water jet machines are mainly of two types.
1. Pure Water Jets and
2. Abrasive water jet machines

The pure water jets can only cut soft materail like cork and plastic. For cutting hard maerials like steel abrasive water jet machines are used. Like the name suggests pure water jet machines make uses of water alone to penetrate into the work piece and cut it. In case of abrasive water jet cutting garnet abrasive is mixed with the water to enable the high pressure water jet to penetrate through hard substances accurately.

WaterJet Cutting Machine

Water Jet Machine
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